Forward a couple of years…. I decided to get trained as a Spiritual Life Coach; one of the modules on the course was Soul Plan. I never heard of it before so was quite curious to learn more about it. When I walked into training room I noticed a piece of paper with Star of Creation in the middle- and it hit me!!!! It all made sense!!!! My interest in Mandalas wasn’t coincidental…… After the course I went to a craft shop, walked up to a random shelf and picked up a piece of black cardstock then went round the corner and found a white marker pen, came back home and created my first Soul Plan Mandala….

Soul Plan course had a tremendous impact on my life… Firstly, reconnecting with my soul plan helped me look at my life from completely different perspective. I’ve finally understood why my life has been so challenging. With understanding also comes compassion and forgiveness.. For myself and those who hurt me.

Secondly, I’ve discovered that my biggest talent is creativity!!!! I have a creative energy in two aspects: worldly goal and soul essence (this explains my latent artistic talent!!). The most important aspect of the Soul Plan course was that it connected me back to the essence of myself and helped me re-align with my True Self; my life started to flow in a far more creative and joyful way with new meaning and purpose.

Since then I have performed many Soul Plan readings. Each time I’m amazed how accurate it is and how it helps people to find their way in life…. It’s truly a life changing experience. I also include Soul Plan in my coaching sessions as it helps me and my clients to get to the bottom of their problems a lot quicker and leaves more time to work on w
Now you’ve read my story- have a look around and see if you find something that resonates with you!

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