Soul Plan Mandala

Soulful Mandala



….the Self, the wholeness of the personality, which if all goes well is harmonious…
—- Carl Jung —-

These Mandalas are personalised and very unique as they are created using your birth name.

They contain extremely powerful symbols of Soul Plan.

We have all come to this world with a plan for our life; in most cases, due to painful experiences, we’ve come off that path and don’t know how to get back on it. The Mandala contains 7 energies of your Soul Plan; those energies play significant role in your life as challenges, talents and goals your Soul set for you to experience.

The Mandala is a vessel for Soul Plan energies to flow back into your life:
💥 facilitates intense personal/business growth
💥helps restore previously existing order
💥initiates a profound re-balancing process.
💥helps integrate parts of you that are not in alignment.

Once you reconnect with those vibrations you will experience subtle but continuous healing within your life.

Each Mandala comes with a short explanation of the meaning of Soul Plan symbols.

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60 x 60 centimeters
30 x 30 centimeters


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